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SAX's Answer to the NEW 2012 Ranger and BT50
If you got the new 2012 BT50 or Ranger, the first thing you'll be looking for is a suspension upgrade. Reviews are flooding in from all over the Internet about the new Rangers and BT50s. They've had a very attractive face-lift, yet still maintaining the amazing features and 4WD capabilities we've all come to love. There is however one very large flaw that cannot be over looked. The suspension in these vehicles, although rated at a massive 1200kg, cannot even come close to lifting that. This is not uncommon. Factory springs cannot carry what the vehicle is rated to.

SAX has tested the carrying performance of the ranger and BT50 and found that it struggles to carry 650kg from cab chassis. Bump stop clearance with this weight is reduced to 40mm. One can only think what would happen if you put an extra 550kg. SAX Suspension Technology’s proven answer to this problem is the world patented Three Stage Dynamic Spring, or 3SDS for short. With this product installed, 650kg was applied, the bump stop clearance changed from 40mm to 90mm with a performance grade 3SDS. Heavier grades are available. The system works by having a 3rd stage built onto a correctly calibrated premium pack. The 3rd stage preloads the primary stage at a dynamic rate, giving you an amazingly comfortable and safe ride yet having the ability to carry maximum payloads!

One owner of the current BT50 says, "I've always loved my BT50s, they have served me well when traveling from Cunnamulla to Menindee and back again, but without my suspension upgrade from SAX, there is no way I could have carried the behemoth of a load I had on the back and survived!"

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